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Who doesn’t like chocolate, whether kids or elders, you can even give it to a dying person as a last bite and they won’t deny it. The chocolate has evolved in many ways for the taste buds to like it even more and so is the chocolate chip version of it that is used in ice-creams, chocolates, milkshake, cakes and a lot more food items. A chocolate chip cookie is a favorite with everyone so much that they would vouch for it from any distance. If this set flavor is imbibed in the cake, it becomes even more enticing for a sweet lover to savor the taste. Hence the chocolate chip cookie cake is everyone’s personal favorite while ordering or having a cake.

Chocolate chip cookie flavor

The flavor is nothing of that of chocolate which contains small bits of hard chocolate called chips. Everyone as it is like chocolate to death and here it being combined with bits of chocolate pieces and that too with a cookie is a combination to actually die for. This famous combination is hence being well used in the cakes for people to opt for the chocolate chip cookie cake rather than a conventional chocolate get your hands on this chocolate chip cookie flavored cake is a treat in itself and most of the cake shops make it as it is one of the flavors that is so much in demand. The best part is that with the help of the chocolate chip flavors available in the market, you can even make it at home with some good recipe to be at your help. All of it will go well if you are able to get the flavor of the chocolate chip cookie successfully in the cake. Some of the cake shops even personalize the recipe with chunks of cookies being included in the cake for it to be pleasant to find a cookie in a cake.

Whether there is an occasion or not, a birthday, an anniversary or a get together, no one can deny a cake for the moment to be celebrated. And even a person who doesn’t like sweets in general would like to taste the chocolate chip cookie flavored cake that can be eaten as a chocolate. Kids have always indulged in chocolate more than anything and so is the case with the elders with a sweet tooth, so do not forget to call for the cake in a good quantity as you don’t want to take the blame of denying someone their favorite chocolate chip cookie flavored cake.

Chocolate chip cookie cake shops

To benefit with the idea of this cake and the demand, you must firstly inquire the cake shops that are good enough for the cakes to be made much to the relish of the eaters. Have their recipe tried before so that you can order from them anytime in need. Chocolate chip cookie cake is an evergreen flavor that doesn’t vanish from the taste buds and will always keep engaging one and all in its sheer bliss if taste.


Chocolates are things that are thoroughly enjoyed by every person, be it young or old.  This is more so if you are a chocoholic.  Chocolate chip cookie cake is one dessert that everyone would love eating.  Browse the internet for making different varieties of chocolate chip cookie cakes.  This is undoubtedly a lip smacking, yummy and heavenly dessert.  One can make a normal cake yummy by just adding chocolate syrup and chocolate chip cookies.

Ingredients for making your chocolate chip cookie cake

The ingredients that go into making yummy chocolate chip cookie cake are flour, baking soda, salt, white sugar, brown sugar, softened butter, egg, vanilla extracts and last but not the least; chocolate chips.  The right proportion is required to make these wonderful chocolate chip cookie cakes.  Take a bowl add the ingredients like baking soda, salt and flour.  Set aside and take another bowl.  The butter has to be beaten and then add the brown sugar and white sugar.  You may use electric beater so that no chunks are formed when beating.  Then add the chocolate chips into it. Once the dough is made, make small balls and keep it on the baking sheet and refrigerate it for about one hundred and twenty minutes.  A preheated oven of 350 degrees has to be kept ready.  The cake dough has to be prepared by using one yellow cake mix, one third cup of canola oil, three eggs and water.

The egg needs to beaten and the cake mixture has to be added.  Mix all the ingredients.  Keep it aside.   Whenever you make chocolate chip cookie cake, make sure to beat the ingredients well in the beater or else there will be chunks that would be formed.

The cake mix mixture has to be filled in the muffin cups.  The cookies which by now has been chilled in the freezer has to be kept in the cake dough.  Place this in the preheated oven and allow it to cook for twenty minutes, the cup cakes would be perfectly done.  You can them remove them and allow them to settle for sometime. The Chocolate chip cookie cake is ready to be served.

Other interesting recipes for chocolate chip cookie cake

Chocolate chip cookie cake recipe is one such recipe where you could make some minor alterations and bring about changes in the looks and the taste of the cookie cake.  Try making it when it is snowing and your kids would love it.

The basic ingredients that go into making the cookie cake are cake flour, vanilla essence, chocolate chips, and oatmeal and so on.  At times, many of them also substitute all purpose flour with cake flour.  However, unless you are an expert don’t try your hands at it.  Other ingredients that generally go into baking the chocolate chip cookie cake are vanilla extracts, granulated sugar, light brown sugar, baking soda and sodium salt.  Also, the preheated oven needs to be set at the right temperature or else it could be a disaster.